Aged Care and Disability Services

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

What is NDIS?
The NDIS is a way of helping people aged under 65 living with disability, make choices about supports and services they need to help them in their lives and to help achieve their goals.

The NDIS recognises that each person living with disability has individual needs, and can be assisted to choose supports and services they need, and have increased choice and control over their lives.

The Philia Support Services team can help NDIS participants to understand the NDIS process, and help them through their eligibility requirements and planning preparation.

Detailed information about the NDIS is available on the NDIS website at

GOC Care  Philia Support Services and the NDIS

GOC Care is registered to provide the following line items:
– Assist Personal Activities
– Participate Community
– Plan Management
– Daily Tasks/Shared Living
– Personal Activities High
– Assist-Life Stage, Transition
– Development-Life Skills
– Group/Centre Activities
– Support Coordination
– Travel/Transport
– Supported Independent Living
– Household Tasks