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Well-Being Program

Everybody knows that there are many benefits to Socialising and Exercising.

Exercise makes us feel great, it can increase our strength, flexibility and endurance (to decrease the risk of falls), improve mental health, provide an opportunity to socialise and to have fun.

See below further information about GOC Care well-being programs.  Involvement in all programs require an assessment from My Aged Care and there is also a cost associated to each program as outlined below

GOC Care Fun Fit:

Specially designed for over-65s, GOC Care Fun Fit classes are gentle exercise classes based on strengthening, balance and improving flexibility and health whilst having fun. These classes are run by a Master Personal Trainer and supported by GOC Care staff.  Classes are limited to 15 participants per class.

Classes are available at South Brisbane and Mt Gravatt. Morning/Afternoon tea is provided.

GOC Care Hydrotherapy:

Hydrotherapy classes focus on improving, restoring and maintaining your health. Our group exercise classes are provided in heated pools for your comfort and run by a Fully Qualified Physiotherapist supported by GOC Care staff.

Over the 8 weeks of the program, you’ll develop your confidence and wellbeing, strength, flexibility and balance. You’ll even have some fun and make friends in the process!  Classes are limited to 26 clients over 2 sessions back to back.

GOC Care Social Outings Group:

Getting out with friends on a regular basis or enjoying an event is vital for your wellbeing. Our social group outings are planned for your enjoyment on a monthly basis.

We pick you up from your home and you spend the day attending morning tea, luncheons or day trips.

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